Aussiedoodle Puppies

This page features previously available puppies who have found a forever home.

Toy & Mini Aussiedoodle Features

F1 vs. F1b Doodles

We breed both toy and mini F1b Aussiedoodles. Both are incredibly cute and cuddly!  But what do we mean by an “F1b” doodle puppy?

An “F1” doodle is a second generation dog that was bred from a purebred poodle and another purebred dog. In our case, the other purebred is an Australian Shepherd. An “F1b” doodle is a third generation pup bred from an F1 doodle with a purebred—in most cases, another poodle.

Coat and Hypoallergenics

Our resulting F1b puppies are more poodle than Aussie. We chose to breed this generation of Aussiedoodles to achieve the hypoallergenic doodle that many people are searching for. The effect is that the shedding of fur is greatly reduced.

Many people get an F1 doodle only to find that it does indeed shed! When a dog is a puppy, it’s so hard to tell what their adult coat will ultimately do. Our Mini Aussiedoodle, India, has a wavy poodle coat; but our Toy, Briar, has a straighter coat, and we sometimes find her stray hairs on our clothes.

You truly never know what you’ll get with an F1 doodle. So, if you’re someone who absolutely does not want a dog that sheds, an F1b doodle is a safer bet—provided the purebred parent (that bred with the F1 parent) is a poodle.


A few of the traits that people love about Australian shepherds can sometimes, for some of those people, become too much of a good thing. They find characteristics like high drive, herding instinct, and “velcro dog” attachment to their owners can be hard to live with later in life.

But the extremes of those Aussie traits are greatly tempered by poodle genetics. Plus, both breeds are extremely intelligent and are happiest when provided with physical activity and mental stimulation. Our doodle puppies combine and refine many of the dog traits that people love most.

Aussiedoodle Puppies