“India” Aussiedoodle Female

About India

It is after so much thought and consideration that we have decided to retire India from our program to focus on our smaller sizes. That means she’s available to an approved breeder! We are also open to placing her in a loving pet home.

India was born on 3/24/21. She has not been bred yet.

She’s a 26lb mini F1 Aussiedoodle. She’s a brown merle with green/hazel eyes, with a spot of blue in one of them. She’s been Embark tested and clear of everything except one copy of CDDY. This has been confirmed by secondary testing through UC Davis. We’ve also tested her merle length through Paw Print Genetics. Her normal patella testing has been registered with OFA.

She’s been registered with CKC and up to date on heartworm prevention as well.

She’s completely potty trained, she can either ring bells to go outside or use a doggy door. She knows basic commands and loves to play fetch outside. She’s crate trained and sleeps in it at night and when we’re not home. She gets along well with other dogs—she lives with four 7lb dogs.

She’s the smartest dog we’ve ever owned. She’s also somewhat tender hearted; very in tune with human emotions. She gives the most soulful looks into your eyes.

She’s also extremely gentle and caring with the puppies we have from another mama.

She’s first and foremost a pet to us and while we’d love for her to join a breeding program, it must be one where she will live in a home and be treated as a family pet. She thrives on love and attention and wants nothing more than to please her human.

Genetic testing available upon request.