Mini Poodle & Doodle Parents

Our breeding program is a family affair. Since our Miniature Poodle and Aussiedoodle puppies will inherit traits from their parents, we’d like to tell you a little about them.

The Bee Haven Brood

Our miniature poodle and doodle parents are a huge part of our family’s lives, and they are our pets first and foremost. They sleep in their crates at night, which are in our living room. But they live on the sofa with us.

My husband and I both work from home, and our daughter homeschools. So there’s rarely a time when someone isn’t at home with them. Since we have “oodles” of time to spend with our dogs, we have a wonderful bond with them. And we know their temperaments inside and out.

It’s really important to us to know each one’s personality and temperament. That’s because many of their character traits will be passed on to their puppies. Knowledge of those traits helps us to be a better breeder and “puppy finder” for you!

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Sweet Like Honey

We believe—with all our hearts—that our dogs will make babies as sweet-natured, as fun-loving, and as smart as they are. They are obedience trained, and they love to show off the tricks they can do for “cookies.”

We feed our dogs a combination of raw and high-quality, grain-inclusive kibble. In addition, we give them lots of snacks that include fruits and vegetables. And, of course, we give them treats of honey too! (Please note: You should not feed raw honey to puppies under one year old.)

We live as organically and chemically free as possible. The same goes for our four-legged babies and their future babies. Our yard is maintained so that there are no chemicals that the dogs will come in contact with or that will harm the bees.

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Our Sire

Miniature Poodle Beau as a Puppy

Beau the Miniature Poodle

Beau is our 9-pound apricot miniature poodle. We have ownership of our own stud so that we can know his family history, genetics, health, and temperament.

Beau’s parents and grandfather came from champion lines and underwent genetic health testing. Even so, we were not simply content with their clear test results. It was important to us that we take it a step further, and we had Beau tested as well. We are very happy to say he is genetically clear of all diseases.

Our daughter claimed Beau as her very own from the moment we met him. I love to watch the bond they have together. While our other dogs are mama’s girls and will hop up from a nap to follow me if they sense I’m leaving the room, Beau stays by Olivia’s side.

He’s an equal opportunity snuggler, though. Beau will go to anyone who’s not busy at the moment for kisses! And he is so good when he’s being groomed. We always say, when I’m shaving his face, that he reminds us of a man enjoying a great shave at a barber shop!

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Our “Dames”

Aussiedoodle India
Aussiedoodle India as a Puppy

India the Aussiedoodle

India is a brown merle mini F1 Aussiedoodle. She has the loveliest green eyes, with one blue spot at the bottom of her left eye. Her genetic testing showed that she is clear of everything except for one copy of CDDY. Please read about CDDY and what it means for India’s puppies.

India is, hands down, the smartest dog we’ve ever had! I wanted her to learn to ring the “potty bell” to go outside. I only needed to show her twice how to ring it! She picks up any trick within minutes. She’s so biddable and eager to please that we don’t even have to use treats when we train her. She does what’s asked of her just to make you happy and proud.

But what I love most about India is her ability to connect. She will look straight into your eyes, and it’s like she’s gauging how you feel. She’s the first one to come running when I’m emotional to see if I’m okay. She feels intensely and is so very loyal. The only thing she doesn’t understand is that she’s not as small as the other dogs and will try to fit all 28 pounds of herself onto your lap!

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Aussiedoodle Briar
Aussiedoodle Briar as a Puppy

Briar the Aussiedoodle

Briar is a 9 pound, blue merle toy F1 Aussiedoodle. Her dad has blue eyes and her mom has partial blue eyes (both eyes are both brown and blue) and, though Briar has brown eyes, her left one looks like it has a tiny nebula in the inner corner. When the light hits her eye just right, you can see midnight blue and copper swirling together. I can’t wait to see if she throws blue-eyed puppies.

Briar’s genetic testing showed her clear of all diseases. She has the cutest little prance when she walks and is the sweetest soul. She comes to check in during the day and will just sit and wag her tail with a genuine smile on her face until you pay her attention.

She loves affection and likes it when you hold her paw. Her nickname is Kitty Cat—or more often, KitKat—and comes running when you say, “Here kitty, kitty, kitty!” She earned that name from the way she stalked, crouched, wiggled her butt, and then pounced on the other puppies when she’d play.

Briar has a gentle spirit. She’s the only dog we’ve ever had that never engaged in puppy biting. She is reserved, but warms up quickly. She’s the dog that people want to take home with them after meeting her. We feel that if her puppies inherit her disposition, they would be perfect for someone older or who doesn’t have a lot of energy. While she does occasionally get the “zoomies,” she is generally very laid back and is most happy to be quietly close to you.

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Miniature Poodle Zara
Miniature Poodle Zara as a Puppy

Zara the Miniature Poodle

Zara is our 8 pound, black phantom miniature poodle who is the epitome of grace and elegance. But she also has spunk! Her genetic testing showed her clear of everything except one copy of PRA and one of CDDY. Please read about CDDY and PRA and what they mean for Zara’s puppies.

She and I have a connection that I can’t describe. Even when she’s playing, I can pick her up and she just melts into me. I can turn her on her back and talk to her, and I truly think she understands what I’m saying.

The vets and nurses where I work tell me that Zara is their favorite, not only because of how beautiful she is, but because of her temperament. She will let you do just about anything to her. She absolutely loves getting her teeth brushed, and she’s our favorite one to groom and brush.

Zara has the most amazing, densely thick, and so very soft coat. She’s my second smartest, after India. She caught on to the potty bell within a day or two and is easy to train. She and Briar are best friends, but she loves to snuggle with anyone, especially me—and that makes my heart so happy!

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