The Puppy Breeders Story

We are a small, family-owned breeding program with a passion for miniature poodles, and toy and mini Aussiedoodles too. Why did we become puppy breeders?

Our Reason for Bee-ing

It is our joy to breed puppies of high standard from genetically health tested parents. We devoted much time, energy, and resources to our search for the perfect mamas and daddy. We felt confident in moving forward with our puppy breeding program only after genetic tests and health checks.

A prime reason for our program is that we want to improve the way dogs are bred—and raised—until they go to their new homes. That goal includes, not only genetic health testing of the parents, but also raising their puppies within a proven curriculum. As a result, they will know nothing but love and security.

For the new owners of our puppies, our goal also includes total transparency—that is what you will find at Bee Haven. Honesty and integrity are at our core. They have to be for the sake of our puppies who will go from our hearts and hands, to yours.

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Bee Haven Maven

My name is Amanda, and my partner is my daughter, Olivia. I have always loved animals. My “dog fancy” grew stronger from moments I spent training our toy poodles while growing up. As a young adult, my love for pets extended even further. I got a dream job at an animal hospital.

At first, my job was realistically just a way to afford the adoption of a child. We had struggled with building our family and had miscarried twins. I knew I couldn’t endure that loss again, and our hearts felt pulled towards adoption. I had every intention of quitting my job to be a stay-at-home mom after our daughter came home.

But I loved my job, and the animal hospital was amazing as they supported my schedule after our daughter arrived. I soon found myself working for the hospital from home. My work even allowed me to mix in my love of creativity. It was a wonderful combination!

Dog Breeder Bee Haven Poodles and DoodlesAs the hospital’s Creative Specialist, I use my love and knowledge of pets to promote our practice. I create and manage social media pages and assist with advertising and marketing.

But one of my favorite things to do is write our newsletters and blog posts. I was delighted when one of my posts was featured on a radio program in New York City and reposted on a major pharmaceutical company’s website.

If you haven’t noticed already, I love the written word. Being a shy person, I love that I can express myself without having to talk. Although, once you get to know me, I do talk a lot too!

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A Plan Comes Together

The only thing missing at my job was working directly with dogs. I was familiar with poodles, but along the way I fell in love with a friend’s Australian Shepherd. Smart, athletic, and stunningly beautiful—she was amazing.

But I knew we wouldn’t be able to handle the dog shedding if we owned an Aussie ourselves. When another friend got a goldendoodle, I soon found myself on her puppy breeder’s website. There, I was head over heels for the Aussiedoodles that she also bred.

Fast forward a few years, and I had a solid plan in place for a breeding program, along with my veterinarian’s support. Not only that, but my husband believes in my plan. And our daughter inherited my deep love of dogs. She is my partner in both heart and hard work.

In our search for the perfect puppies to start our breeding program, we have met the most amazing breeders who have generously shared their knowledge with us. And they couldn’t be more appreciated! Equipped with this knowledge and support, Bee Haven Poodles & Doodles was born.

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The “Bee” in Bee Haven

“Bee Haven” isn’t just a lovely play-on words for the trainable temperament of our dogs. It involves real bees! I’ve loved honey for as long as I can remember. My husband and I bought a piece of honeycomb from the Biltmore House on our honeymoon in Asheville, along with a little ceramic beehive honey jar. That was the start of our honey fixtures in my newlywed home.

Zara Watches the Bees at Our Dog BreederI’ve always been impressed with the different flavors bees can achieve with their honey depending on the flowers they visit. No only that, I’m also intrigued by honey’s amazing health benefits and healing properties. When we moved to Florida, my husband expressed his desire to get a beehive, but there was no practical place to put it.

We were still very concerned with bee preservation, though, and we supported local honey producers. When we bought our new home, we finally had a place for a hive! We acquired a small hive of docile Italian honey bees, and we named the queen Beatrice.

Zara, one of our poodles, is my nature girl and loves to watch the bees with me. From our sunroom window, we can watch them take flight and come back with baskets full of pollen. They are happy little bees who are producing quickly. We love seeing them thrive here at Bee Haven.

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