Puppy Training Program

Our puppy training program helps ensure your family is matched with a healthy and happy puppy, to bring you both the most joy. What goes into the raising of our poodles and doodles?

Puppy Curriculum

Our puppies go to their new homes well-socialized and familiar with the sounds—and the comings and goings—of a normal home. That’s because they’re raised in our home. So, most of all, our puppies are loved and trained as if they were here to stay (and we wish they were!).

But we are so very happy these sweet puppies are going to loving families. We are confident that they will make their new “people” as happy as their parents have made us.

A curriculum of puppy training is common among good breeders. But there’s so much more to training a puppy than simply teaching them to obey commands or exposing them to new things. From the way they need to be held during the first few days, to the way their fears need to be addressed as they mature—these needs are essential for growing puppies to develop emotional resilience.

We raise our puppies the “BaB” way and combine that with “Puppy Culture.” Both are programs of advanced puppy curriculum and training that make for truly special puppies. They are not only well-socialized, but they also have a great temperament.

Our approach is to empower puppies by building on a foundation of trust. We guide puppies based upon critical learning periods while constantly evaluating and adjusting our approach for each individual pup. This serves to strengthen their confidence, nerve strength, and startle recovery.

Our puppies leave Bee Haven believing that the world is safe and that people are kind because of the trust they have built in us. We nurture them so that they will build the same trust in you, and thrive in their new home. This ability to believe in themselves is at the core of BaB philosophy.

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Temperament Testing

I’ve written several blog posts about pet adoption for a veterinary practice. My research, and the work we do with local rescue groups and their dogs, have revealed to me a discouraging trend. Time and again, dogs are turned into shelters because of temperament issues, or because they have a lot more energy than their owners can handle.

Our Poodle Puppies Include BeauBee Haven Poodles & Doodles offers an alternative. Our goal at Bee Haven is to produce puppies that will go to their forever homes. We temperament test our puppies and help match them to compatible families—giving the pups a voice in their journey.

Also, the puppies that leave Bee Haven are always welcome to come back. If their families ever find themselves in a position where they have to say goodbye, we can help find puppy a new home. (Please see our Rehoming Policy.)

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Puppy Evaluation

We are also committed to extensive puppy evaluations that help guide clients into the best possible match with a compatible puppy. We want to make sure you choose the best companion that will meet your needs, while honoring your puppy’s needs too.

Our puppies are evaluated on such attributes as:

  • Energy
  • Assertiveness
  • Confidence
  • Motivation level
  • Nerve strength
  • Nerve resiliency
  • Touch tolerance
  • Sound sensitivity
  • Human focus
  • Tenderheartedness

The results of all puppy evaluations are sent to potential parents prior to their picking out a puppy. We urge you, our clients, not to focus too much on gender or color, but on which puppy will fulfill your needs, and vice versa.

As examples, if you’re looking for a lap dog, then we want to make sure you’re matched with a dog who is touch tolerant. If you’re looking for a dog to help cope with anxiety, we want to match you with a dog who is not so tenderhearted that they will feel your emotions too intensely. Also, assertive puppies will need owners who have the time to train them.

We want to change lives through the power of a dog, and making the “right” match is when that becomes possible. That is the best gift we can give to you, and to our puppies.

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